Harry’s Design with Pride

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Carlos Huber

Architect and fragrance designer, ARQUISTE Parfumeur

Preferred Pronouns: He / Him

What does Pride mean to you?

Pride means confidence, love, acceptance and gratitude: for who you are and for the people and world around you.

Describe a moment when being a creative member of the LGBTQ community has helped you through a difficult time.

Believing in yourself as an artist means you believe in what makes you different. I think embracing a creative way to live your life makes it easier for us to accept and embrace the things that make us stand out. During a difficult period, this sense of worth gives me a sense of peace with myself, that my journey shouldn't be compared or measured against anyone else.

How has your previous work in architecture helped your current path as a fragrance designer?

It’s given me a holistic sense of design, of how the packaging, bottle, materials and even the story behind the scent should all work together. Architecture and fragrance have a lot in common, both are arts grounded by technical knowledge. Both require structure, both indulge in ornament and beauty.

What is your motto (or words you live by)?

Live life fully - savor all the moments, the places, and all the emotions.

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