Harry’s Design with Pride

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Andrea Trimarchi
Simone Farresin

Designers, Formafantasma

Preferred Pronouns: He / Him / His

What does Pride mean to you?

To us Pride means self respect and the daily evaluation of the meaning of diversity and inclusivity. To be proud also means to never let your guard down, and to be aware of how insidious homophobia (even internalized homophobia) is as the disrespect of diversity at large.

Describe a moment when being both an artist/designer and a part of this community has helped you through a difficult time / helped you find a way forward.

The realisation of being gay and the social stigma that comes with it was a difficult moment. At the same time, we quickly moved on because we also always loved queerness in the sense of strangeness, of anything that is different than normal. We always perceived diversity as something thrilling and the ultimate and most interesting feature of all living creatures on planet earth. The love for the unexpected and the queer is also what ultimately made us love ourselves for who we are. This might sound a bit cliche', but it is how we feel about it.

Are there any LGBTQ artists/designers that you’re currently a fan of?

Anhoni for her contribution to music, ecofeminist values and ecological activism.

What’s the next big trend happening in design that you’d like to see?

A real ecological development – seeing designers thinking about the needs of other non-human creatures with whom we share planet Earth.

What is your motto (or words you live by)?

Looking back to look forward. Always know the past if you want to know where you are going.

Any tips on working successfully as a design duo?

Make sure to have a very clear schedule and to never work at night. Organization is the secret of making it work.

How has sustainability changed the way you design? What does it mean to actually be sustainable in design?

This is a difficult question because while there are some parameters that we could describe, we actually believe the best way to approach this is another. We think every person, not only designers, should always consider the ethical implications of what they do and understand what they are or are not willing to compromise on.

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