Harry’s Design with Pride

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Lee Broom

Product designer

Preferred Pronouns: He / His

What does Pride mean to you?

For me it means self-acceptance without exception, and being part of a community that accepts who you are.

Are there any LGBTQ artists/designers that you’re currently a fan of?

I adore Christine and the Queens. She is a breath of fresh air in every respect.

What is your motto (or words you live by)?

Do your own thing. Vivienne Westwood said it to me in the 90s when I was 18 and working for hers. I was about to leave my apprenticeship with her to study fashion at Central Saint Martins, and it has stuck with me since.

What advice do you have for young people in the LGBTQ community who want to pursue a creative path?

Be authentic to who you are and how you create - you need to have a point of difference if you want to become successful in the creative industry. Combined with lots of hard work, it will all just fall into place eventually.

You worked in fashion, with Vivienne Westwood, before pivoting to lighting and interiors. What inspired you to make the switch?

How do you see your initial training helping you in your work now? It doesn’t matter if it’s a tailored jacket or a table lamp, the process of creating something new is the same. Vivienne taught me how to look to the past for inspiration and technical ability. I adopted this tenet into my own work in furniture and lighting design.

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